Our Services

Community outreach program

We engage with communities to raise awareness about mental health, provide support, and offer educational sessions and workshops on mental health topics. Our goal is to reach individuals who may be facing mental health challenges and ensure they have access to the necessary resources and support.

research & development work

We conduct research to gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues in Liberia. Through collaboration with partners, we develop evidence-based policies and strategies that drive positive change in the mental health sector. Our aim is to contribute to the improvement of mental health services through informed decision-making.

document development & adaption

We create and customize documents, manuals, and educational materials that are tailored to the local context in Liberia. By ensuring accessibility and cultural appropriateness, we strive to provide resources that address the specific needs of the community and promote awareness and understanding of mental health.


We work alongside stakeholders and decision-makers to advocate for improved mental health services. Our efforts focus on reducing stigma, enhancing access to care, and supporting individuals with mental health concerns. Through strategic advocacy initiatives, we aim to shape policies that protect the rights and dignity of those affected by mental illness.

school awareness & mental health program

We implement programs in schools to raise awareness about mental health among students, teachers, and parents. Our aim is to create mentally healthy school environments by providing resources, support, and training for educators to recognize and address mental health issues in the educational setting.

capacity building of individuals & institutions through psychosocial support

We provide training and capacity-building programs for individuals working in the mental health field. Our focus is on strengthening their skills and knowledge to deliver effective psychosocial support. Additionally, we collaborate with institutions to enhance their capacity to provide quality mental health services.

staff care

We offer support and resources to professionals working in the mental health sector. Our goal is to promote self-care, resilience, and well-being among staff members who play a crucial role in delivering mental health services. We provide training and workshops on managing occupational stress and burnout.

sexual & gender based violence

We address the intersection of mental health and sexual or gender-based violence. Our services include counseling and support for survivors of violence, as well as collaborating with partners to raise awareness, prevent violence, and support survivors in their recovery.

livelihood empowerment (skill training & self-help cassava farm)

We implement programs that empower individuals with mental health concerns through skill training. Our aim is to offer vocational training opportunities that enhance employment prospects and promote self-sufficiency. We also support self-help initiatives, such as the Cassava Farm project, to create sustainable livelihood options.

Counseling services

We provide specialized counseling services for individuals facing specific challenges, such as HIV/AIDS or rape cases. Our goal is to offer a safe and supportive space for individuals to seek guidance, support, and healing in a professional and confidential setting.